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 SEO Manager by MiladSarab

Summary of activity and ability More than four years of activity in the field of website design CSS, HTML, web design with WordPress and personalization of any template

Website analysis with tools GTmetrix, Console Search, Insights PageSpeed, Ahrefs, Moz

Regular and accurate reporting of Google Analytics, Console Search, Google Data Studio

Website content optimization according to the correct knowledge of the business
Select the best keywords, topics and categories of the website based on the type and needs of customers and the preferences of the employer

Optimize the technical condition of the website CSS, HTML coding and items that affect the improvement of core web vitals

Optimization of internal and external linking of site pages according to the type of strategy

Soft Skills

• Innovation
• Team Player
• Multitasking
• Interpersonal
• Analytical
• In-depth research
• Energetic
• Self-motivated
• Problem-solving
• Research Skills
• Automotive enthusiastic

Technical Skills

• WordPress
• Website Strategy
• Link Building
• Technical SEO
• SEO Tools (Ahrefs, KWfinder, MOZ, Alexa, SEMrush)
• Google Search Console
• Google Analytics
• Data Studio
• Content Strategy
• Keyword Planning
• Ssr
• spa

Related Courses

• HTML and CSS at MFT
• PHP and MYSQL at MFT
• Monster SEO at Websima Academy
• Seo pro at Seolab Academy
• SeoLab 9th, Practical SEO learning and internship

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